GBS Update: Saturday 2nd June 2012

The last four months have brought probably the biggest changes for me since I got rid of the wheelchair.

I am continuing to see steady improvements in my stamina as well as the results of nerve repair, which is encouraging.  I have started on Propranalol, a drug which has helped to temper the tremor and the sweating somewhat, although I feel these are both still noticeable, particularly the latter!

The most exciting developments however, have been that on 26th March – two years to the day since I had to stop teaching to be admitted to hospital –  I was reinstated on the University of Southampton’s PGCE course.  This meant that the work I had been doing to build up my stamina could now begin to count towards completing the course.

The Occupational Health advisor for the university advised an extremely protracted period of build-up, but I thought this unnecessary; so under the careful supervision of a long-suffering university tutor and a very supportive school I threw myself into the teaching practice.  It soon became clear that things were going well and I would be able to complete the course at the same point as this year’s cohort of PGCE students.  So yesterday I passed my final teaching practice with the highest grade – remarkable, given the circumstances!

This is the good news I needed, since in March I was offered a full-time job for September at a local comprehensive school, assuming I was to qualify this summer.  So in just a few months I will be a Maths Teacher at Wyvern College in Fair Oak, only a few miles from home.

The consultant neurologist has told me to continue to expect improvements over the coming year, whilst the rehab consultant has discharged me from her clinic; I’m therefore now just under one consultant at Southampton General Hospital.

Now that I have passed the teaching practice, my new priorities are to get the remaining boxes ticked to pass the PGCE and to focus on physical fitness.  I will continue going into school as an assistant until the end of term in order to keep the stamina up, but I will have more time which will allow me to rebuild my fitness after months of focusing on work.

So thank you once again for your ongoing prayer and concern.  It constantly amazes me how interested people are in what is going on, and I am grateful for everything that has happened.  If you would like to pray for me, I would be very grateful, particularly for:

  • Continued improvements over the coming year
  • An increase in my fitness and stamina as I focus on this over the summer
  • A good start in September at Wyvern
I am extremely grateful for all the prayers and support I have received – my recovery is in a new phase, but it is still going on! 
Love Luke x

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