GBS Update: Monday 6th February 2012

Just a short note to thank you for your recent prayers (particularly along the lines of my tremor) and to quickly update you; I met with a doctor from the Neurological Outpatients department today, and he has provided some much needed reassurance!

His opinion is that the tremor is likely to be a product of the GBS, and is likely to improve over the next year (although no-one knows exactly by how much). In the meantime he has suggested a new drug I could try which would dampen down the tremor, and also probably help the sweating and temperature control difficulties I have been having.

The doctor I saw today has known me longer than the one I saw in November, and is also a neurology specialist, so I am pleased that his opinion matches what my parents and I hoped this tremor was all the way along. It is a massive weight off my mind, so thank you for your prayers!

This week I am attempting to get into school every day, even if just for an hour. I’m settling really well in the new placement and starting to build up my stamina again – I’ve reached a point where my course leader at university has been able to ask the Occupational Health advisor to see me. This is an essential step in being officially reinstated on the course, so there is much to be thankful for!

Thank you once again – your prayers are making all the difference!

Luke x


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