GBS Update: Monday 20th December

An update from Mum and Dad:

As we approach Christmas, and the end of 2010, we wanted to send an update to say thank you to all of you who have journeyed with us throughout the most part of 2010.  Many of you we have never even met, and yet as you have mailed us on many occasions, and prayed alongside us, we have felt as if we do know you.  Names on paper have become real friends in our minds eye and in the midst of adversity every one of you, known and dear to us, or still yet to meet, has impacted this path more than you will ever know.  It has been a life changing year, and one in which we have seen and known the rock solid faithfulness of our Father God. 
Luke goes from strength to strength, and whilst a long way from full health, is alive and almost kicking!!  We had planned at the outset of the year to go away for Christmas, but it looks likely that snow and an almost shut down Heathrow will mean we will celebrate at home.   

christmas photo 2010
If there is one thing to take from this experience, it would be to NEVER fear the trial.  There are times in life when we can imagine the worst happening to us or our loved ones; yet we have found that even when it does, God NEVER leaves you, but carries you through when you trust Him.  So often in the Bible He tells us not to fear because he knows we are so prone to it!  But HE is totally faithful, and is working out His purposes in each of our lives.  He truly is a Mighty God, and we stand in awe of Him and His ways.

‘They did not conquer the land with their swords; it was not their own strong arm that gave them victory.   It was Your right hand and strong arm and the blinding light from Your face that helped them, for You loved them.’  Psalm 44: 3

May you know the peace that only He can give this Christmas and throughout 2011. 
With much love and heartfelt thanks
Gary and Debbie

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