GBS Update: Monday 15th November

A briefer update today, which I hope will fuel your prayers in the days to come.

First, to thank you again for the commitment so many you have made to pray with me all the way to the end of this journey. You are such an encouragement to our whole family, and we are so thankful for every one of you. We recently had the privilege of going back to visit the church I used to work for, Life Church Southampton: if ever there was a reminder of the very real support I have had in prayer from the body of Christ, this was it.  You are such a blessing!

We are constantly getting used to what my Mum calls a ‘new normal’; things rarely stay the same from one week to the next – although it doesn’t always feel that way.

The most significant changes lately are:

  • I drove to a friend’s house on my own last week. It was only a short journey – on very familiar roads – but it was thrilling to be able to leave the house on my own. I was able to walk to their house from the car independently with my new walking stick, but on the way back to the car I had some assistance (it really was very dark by then!).
  • The temporary downstairs bedroom I needed for weekend visits from hospital has been turned back into a dining room again – this feels like a real milestone, marking the fact that I haven’t needed the bed for months.
  • After discussion with my GP I have started to wean off the most addictive painkiller I am on. So far it’s going well, albeit not without slight withdrawal symptoms (headaches, nausea, tiredness and aches).
  • I almost didn’t share the following now that I have regained most of the sensibilities of a ‘normal’ person; but on a journey in which you have heard about the workings of my innermost parts, hearing that I have been able to take a bath for the first time really doesn’t feel that personal.

All of this causes great thanks and praise to a God who has seen the whole of this journey from beginning to end; He’s sustained me this far, and will do until the end.

Please pray:

  • For continued progress towards independence – driving, walking, socialising, there is still much progress to be made!
  • For my next GP appointment, which is two weeks today. By that point I plan to be on the minimum dose of the drug I’m weaning off at the moment. He will talk through the effects so far and decide whether or not it is OK for me to come off the drug altogether. It would be great to be in a position to make a start on weaning off one of the other two drugs I’m on, but we won’t be able to do that until we’ve completed this first stage. I’m aiming, god willing, to be drug-free by Christmas!
  • For the side-effects of the weaning process to be as few and as small as possible. Withdrawal symptoms, especially after many consecutive months on the same drug combination, can be rotten. Please pray that I won’t have to compromise on the independence side of things too much during this process.

With many thanks, once again!

Much love in Christ,

Luke x


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