GBS Update Wednesday 6th October

Last week I asked you to pray for release, in a variety of different ways. As is so typical with GBS, the improvement I am seeing is gradual but nevertheless noticeable.

Thank you once again for your commitment in your prayers. I regularly hear of prayers people have prayed off their own backs as it were, which have been answered.

At the weekend some friends approached me to find out whether I have feeling in my feet again yet.  I had not known that a family member of theirs had had a milder version of GBS in her 80s, and although she regained full function, the feeling in her feet had never come back. Knowing this, they have been focussing specifically on this in their prayers for me. I was encouraged enough to hear how they have been praying, but i found great joy also in being able to tell them that the feeling in my feet is well on its way back, working its way from the outside (little  toe), inwards towards the big toes.

Today I’d like to get über-specific in my request for prayer! Please would you pray for the TA muscle in my core to strengthen? Someone asked me at the weekend what exactly I meant when asking for my core strength to improve, so it occurred to me that others might have the same question. So, using the best of what I was told in hospital I thought I’d try to explain.

Basically the body has layers of muscle and in my torso, the deeper muscles have not yet come fully to life. The TA is one of these and it’s muscles like these which hold you upright. The superficial muscles (like the “six pack”, obliques etc.) are there to make the body respond. For example, if you are about to fall over to your left, they pull you to the right. In my case, the superficial muscles are busy trying to hold my torso upright, so aren’t available to help me balance. This means that seeing my legs and feet heal is only half the picture when it comes to standing and walking; those core muscles are the other half!

Another encouraging story of the last week was to hear of a dear friend who has, like many of you, been praying throughout, and at the beginning of last week felt prompted to begin to pray that I would not be discouraged during this stage. When the update I wrote reached her saying that things are quite difficult, she was able to write to me to tell of how God had been leading her prayers on this direction anyway!

Despite the ups and downs it is so encouraging to know that, even when we don’t send and update as often as we’d intend to, that God is leading the prayers of His people!

Thank you, all of you, for continuing to pray. I so appreciate it!


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