GBS Update: Tuesday 10th August 2010

We are so grateful for your prayers for us over the weekend and for your amazing staying power! When we arrived back yesterday, Luke was tired but everyone had enjoyed a very happy weekend at home with family – and we had a wonderful weekend in Jersey. We don’t know why, but when we arrived we were told our room had been upgraded to the Penthouse suite, which was beyond anything we could have imagined, overlooking the bay. We had booked a standard room (and that is what we paid for!) and checked twice with reception that they hadn’t made a mistake, and they assured us they hadn’t. We are in awe of a God who has known every step of our journey and knows us better than we know ourselves – and blesses us far beyond anything we deserve.

As we enter our 20th week of hospital life, please continue to come with us in prayer to the only One in the world who is totally faithful, steadfast and true to His word – and He has promised to work together all things for the good of those who love Him.

1 It is one month today until Luke is due to be discharged from the hospital. Whilst in many ways we can’t wait, he does have apprehensions after what will be almost half a year in hospital. Please pray that God will be preparing him for coming home permanently, and that therapy once out of hospital will continue. He has been told that it is poor in the area in which we live but Luke knows that if he is to continue to recover well, continued Physio and OT will be vital

2 Please pray for strength and stamina continuously for Luke. He can do well for several days, but still has days when he is overcome with fatigue. God has brought about such amazing recovery for him so far, so please pray with us for God to continue to pour out His healing power on him

3 Please ask that when Luke’s body is worn and weary, that he will know God leading him beside still waters and restoring his soul

When we woke on Friday morning to the amazing views of the sea, the words of this song were ringing in my mind

I stand amazed when I realise

Your love for me is beyond all measure.

Lord, I can’t deny

Your love for me is great.

It’s as high, high as the heavens above,

Such is the depth of Your love

Toward those who fear You.

O Lord, far as the east is from west,

You have removed my transgressions.

You make my life brand new:

Father, I love You.

Even when our world is turned upside down, God’s love for us and His faithfulness to us remain, and our hearts desire is that He will be honoured through every circumstance of our lives

With much love and many thanks

Gary and Debbie


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