GBS Update: Friday 16th July 2010

It was Luke’s intention yesterday to write an update before the weekend, but he ran out of time – it’s a busy life in rehab! So he jotted down a few pointers for me to pass on, so here goes…..It’s been a busy week and one where he has seen much progress

• He enjoyed the trip to the Otter and Owl Sanctuary on Wednesday. He said it was great to be out in the big wide world….and to be mugged of his map by a hungry deer!

• He stood up 6 times yesterday

• This weekend it is 16 weeks since he was admitted to hospital and 112 days since he first showed symptoms

• Yesterday he was able to lift each leg, one by one, up off the bed to an angle of about 90 degrees!

• He is coming home tomorrow for an overnight stay from Saturday to Sunday

• He has met all of his short term goals ahead of time, and so new ones are being set

All of these are to be celebrated and we thank God for the healing He is pouring out on Luke. Luke has also given us a few pointers for prayer over the weekend, so please join with us in praying

• For his overnight stay at home tomorrow. We will be collecting him in the morning and he hopes to stay until Sunday evening. We have made the dining room into a bedroom. Please pray that it will be a really enjoyable time for Luke, that it won’t all feel like hard work, but that coming home to stay will feel as normal as it can be

• For continued energy enough for physio etc. He has felt the power of your prayers recently in having much more energy

• He’s meeting with his PGCE leader today at the hospital. She has kindly offered to come and chat through his options etc. Please pray for wisdom as he starts to think about the way forward, that his decisions would be God’s decisions And Luke has asked us to pass on his thanks to you

‘Thank you for 16 weeks worth of prayer and support – I am so grateful and am making so much progress!’

Lord, I’m grateful amazed at what You’ve done

My finest efforts are filthy rags

But I’m made righteous by trusting in the Son

I have God’s riches at Christ’s expense!

‘Cause it’s grace! There’s nothing I can do

To make You love me more, to make You love me less than You do

And by faith I’m standing on this Stone

Of Christ and Christ alone

Your righteousness is all that I need ‘Cause it’s grace!

This song was coming to mind this morning and really sums up the gratitude we feel to an awesome God, who delights in us and

loves us unceasingly. Who is there like Him?

With our love

Gary and Debbie


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