GBS Update: Wednesday 14th July 2010

We are so grateful to all of you and your many prayers over the last day especially, and to a God who hears and responds to the heartfelt cries of His people. Yesterday was a much better day for Luke, and he commented several times on how much energy he had, despite having a very busy day. It remains a mystery to us and yet we are so thankful that God has decided to interact with the people He created, and that He wants to communicate with us in prayer. The bible tells us to pray in every circumstance and that our prayers are powerful and effective. And we feel the effect of your partnering with us in prayer every day, so thank you from our hearts for persevering with us.

Luke’s day was full yesterday and included making an apple crumble to share with us at suppertime. The physio told him that despite him thinking he has no movement in his feet he does have some flexion in his ankles, which is needed for him to be able to take his first steps. This was very encouraging for him and he was able to stand alone with the standing machine for a while too. Today Luke is going with two other rehab patients on a trip in the minibus to the Otter and Owl sanctuary in the New Forest. He was joking that it felt a bit like a school trip!

Please pray today 1 For strength and courage and patience daily for Luke as God brings his body back to life

2 For the myelin sheaths on his nerves throughout his body, to grow back at an ever increasing rate which will lead to increasing movement

3 For the ability to stand and to start to take steps

4 For Luke to continue to know God hearing him and speaking to him

I was looking back at some journaling I did a few months ago, and thinking about the fact that suffering is a necessary part of our spiritual development.

‘For God called you to do good even if it means suffering, just as Christ suffered for you. He is your example, and you must follow in his steps.’ 1 Peter 2:21

God says we are to glory in, not endure suffering and tribulation. ‘….I’ll glory in my weakness, that I might know Your strength…’ We live in a world where we try to be as pain and trouble free as possible, yet there is something about pain, both physical and emotional that makes us realise how weak we are and how much we need the God who created us. Nothing comes into our lives, that hasn’t already passed through the hands of our heavenly Father, NOTHING. Therefore rather than gritting our teeth and getting on with it, we can face it with Him in all our weakness, and glory in His presence with us as he helps us day by day.

With much love and many thanks

Gary and Debbie


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