GBS Update: Tuesday 13th July 2010

After visiting home on three consecutive days, Luke returned to rehab last night very tired. He had enjoyed seeing relatives from Australia yesterday lunchtime and family from Sussex in the afternoon and being able to come home and spend some time enjoying ‘normal’ life is a great blessing for him and us. It is not without its difficulties however.

In starting to embrace real life, Luke is able to glimpse a future outside of hospital. But the downside is that it also highlights for him just how far off normal life he is, and he lives with the frustrations of a body that won’t yet function in the way it used to, in his home environment where he has always just got on with life. He has made such amazing progress, yet there are days when it still feels like we are climbing Mount Everest. This process of course, is hardest for Luke, yet also for us as his family it is hard to stand by and watch everything requiring huge amounts of effort and energy for him and if we could we would take it all away and make it all better.

But we know that God has allowed this to come into our lives out of His passionate and compassionate heart towards each one of us. God is good ALL the time, which means He would never allow a trial out of spite, but always out of His unfailing love to help us and grow us. Therefore, though the battle continues we continue to trust our Father, who at the right time will complete His healing work in our son and also the work He is doing in us.

‘ I come into Your presence

With nothing in my hands

I only bring thanksgiving

For Jesus, God and Man

I cast myself on mercy

I cast myself on love

I trust Your gracious promise

To wash me with Your blood

Jesus my only hope, my only plea

My righteousness, my Great High Priest

Who intercedes for me before the throne

Jesus, I trust in You alone’

We sang this on Sunday at Church and it was ringing in my head as I woke this morning. We cannot bring anything to the table except trust in the One who can and does heal today. Please join us in praying for more healing for Luke, especially in his ankles and feet; he still cannot move them at all. We are so grateful to you and especially to Jesus for all your care, support and especially for your prayers. He hears every one of them.

With our love

Gary and Debbie


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