GBS Update: Thursday 8th July 2010

Thank you for praying for Luke – we are seeing him changing day after day. The OTs met with him yesterday and told him that they are having trouble keeping up with his progress. They said that as fast as they think of another exercise/task for him, he has mastered it, and needs the next challenge! In particular, we are seeing answers to prayer for his legs. Yesterday he realised he could stretch his legs out in front of him, when in the wheelchair and one by one lift each leg up and hold it in the air, stretched out, for a few minutes. He is also able to do some leg exercises as he stands with the help of the standing machine. These are all specifically linked to the prayers we have been praying, so let’s keep looking to God for those steps that he so longs to take.

1 Please continue to pray with us for those legs to increase in movement. He still has ‘dead’ toes, please pray that they too will return to life – he needs them to balance! That taking those first steps will come soon.

2 For a reduction in the medication he is on. They have reduced the pain killer patch he is on from 50 to 37.5, which is good. He is also on two other painkillers, but they all need to be reduced very gradually as he has been on them for such a long time. Please pray as the Doctors plan his weaning, that the pain will not increase. In many ways the sooner he is off the drugs, the better it will be for him long term.

3 Life feels very busy and full for Luke, with therapy, including just the day to day tasks of living and visitors, who he loves seeing. Please pray for space in his day to ‘just be’ and to know God speaking to him about His plans for Luke and what He has for him in the future.

Wonderful grace that gives what I don’t deserve

Pays me what Christ has earned and lets me go free

Wonderful grace that gives me the time to change

Washes away the stain that once covered me

And all that I have I lay at the feet

Of the Wonderful Saviour who loves me

Wonderful love that held in the face of death

Breathed, in its final breath forgiveness for me

Wonderful love whose power can break every chain

Giving us life again setting us free

As we were praying this morning, this song came to mind. The wonderful grace that God pours out on our lives is totally undeserved – yet He delights in us. When you face a journey like this, you realise how little you are, and how immense God is. How can it be that we deserve nothing – yet He gives us everything we need to live for Him?

With our love and grateful thanks

Gary and Debbie


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