GBS Update: Friday 25th June 2010

Just a brief update before the weekend, mainly to say that praise God, we now have movement in both ankles!! Luke was absolutely delighted, that after many weeks of waiting and wondering if there may be damage to the nerves in the legs, he was able yesterday to lift both feet off the floor by about one inch. He also spent three and a half hours yesterday afternoon in a wheelchair and is able to move himself around sufficiently to turn around and move backwards and forwards. Joel and I then went with him to visit his old friends in Neuro ICU. We saw three of the consultants who looked after him, and they were amazed at his progress in just 10 days off the ventilator. One of the consultants had spoken to us before we left ICU and told us that the last GBS patient they had, was on ICU for 10 months, followed by a year in rehab. For Luke to be at this stage after 3 months is a miracle, especially considering what we were told about the severity of his illness at the outset. We are both overwhelmed and astounded at the amazing grace God has poured out on our son.

This weekend we just want to thank Jesus our amazing Saviour, for the outworking of His healing power in Luke’s life, which we see unfolding daily.

‘Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.”’ John 6:35

With much love

Gary and Debbie


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