GBS Update: Thursday 24th June 2010

Lord, I come before Your throne of grace

I find rest in Your presence,

And fullness of Joy

In worship and wonder,

I behold Your face

Singing what a faithful God have I

What a faithful God have I

What a faithful God

What a faithful God have I

Faithful in every way

Lord of mercy, You have heard my cry

Through the storm You’re the beacon

My song in the night

In the shelter of Your wings

Hear my heart’s reply,

Singing what a faithful God have I

When Luke e mailed on Tuesday he asked you to pray with him for two things: strength above the knees and movement below the knees.

When I arrived yesterday he told me that the physios have asked the occupational therapists to come today to assess him for a ‘normal’ wheelchair, as they feel he has sufficient strength and mobility in his upper body to think about him starting to be able to use a wheelchair, to transfer to the bathroom. And during yesterday’s physio session, the physio told him she could feel a flicker of movement in his right ankle, that as she moved his foot forward he actually was able to help move it! These are both remarkable answers to prayer and though they seem small steps they are actually huge strides for Luke!

In addition to this, he had his first shower yesterday for 3 months – they moved him to the chair and then hoisted him into the shower! So yesterday there was much to celebrate, what specific answers to prayer we have already received. We have a God who loves to draw near, and engage with us as we seek His face, so please continue with us to look to Him for more and more healing for Luke. His greatest wish at the moment is to get to the place of being able to come home for a visit, followed by a few ventures further afield. This seems such a long way off, and yet we see changes every day – please pray with us that God will bring about Luke’s full healing at just the right time. We have all come so far on this journey, and we truly do have a Faithful God!

With greatest love and thanks for continuing with us

Gary and Debbie


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