GBS Update: Wednesday 23rd June 2010

When I arrived at the hospital yesterday Luke had the rehab physios doing a full assessment on him. The rehab doctor then arrived to say that Luke was being transferred to the rehab team from yesterday. We had been led to believe that this wouldn’t happen fully for a number of weeks, but we can now say that Luke is officially in rehab!! Luke is amazed at God’s timing as his personal prayers have been that he would move on to rehab within a week of going up to the ward.

It was dawning on Luke afresh yesterday, how far he has come and how far he still has to go though, in terms of actually being able to make car journeys and even to come home for an afternoon. But he has come such a long way, and in many ways the hardest bit is over, and now it’s just a matter of his body strengthening. We know this will come and we have so much to thank God for.

Luke is now able to sit on the edge of the bed and bend to touch his toes. He has quite a lot of control over his core, i.e. he can lean to either side without falling, but can feel quite unsafe about leaning forward in that position. He sat out in the chair for two lots of an hour and a half yesterday, and this is something he will be doing more and more of to help his body strengthen. He now has such a lovely spot to sit in, with wonderful views out to the Isle of Wight, and he feels really blessed.

So thank you all for your constant prayers, we feel like we are in an army marching forward, continuing to follow Jesus and looking to him to complete his healing work

1 Thank our wonderful God with us for the mighty work He is doing in Luke

2 Please continue to pray for grace and patience, especially for Luke as he now faces the challenge of regaining his strength, which is physically very tiring

3 For wisdom for the physios as they pace his rehab, that they will push him but not overtire him

4 For those ankles and feet, that don’t seem to want to wake up! Please pray that the nerves will repair and start to conduct messages from the brain to the muscles

5 For Luke to be encouraged by God hour by hour, and to know His peace, which only He can give

‘Though I feel afraid of territory unknown,

I know that I can say that I do not stand alone.

For Jesus You have promised Your presence in my heart;

I cannot see the ending, but it’s here that I must start.

And all I know

is You have called me,

and that I will follow is all I can say.

I will go where You will send me

and Your fire lights my way.’

Whatever circumstance we may face in Life, Jesus has gone before us. This next stage of the journey is unknown to us, but totally known to Him. This song reminds us that as we put our hand in His, He is totally to be trusted and will guide us every step of the way

With our love and thanks

Gary and Debbie


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