GBS Update: Monday 21st June 2010

Thank you for your prayers over the weekend for Luke. He enjoyed visits from friends and family, and has settled well onto the ward. The top half of his body is really coming on strength wise, and when we left him last night he was practising writing with the help of splints on his wrists. He had tried writing last week and it was a real scrawl, but last night it was much clearer and beginning to look like Luke’s writing. He is using both of his hands to eat and drink, and can now reach over to his table and pick things up, eg drinks and books if they’re not too heavy. Because he is using his arms so much we can begin to see the start of biceps emerging!

Luke thinks that his legs may be starting to come back, as they have started to ache because they are not moving. This is a new type of feeling, and together with increased pain in his feet would indicate to us that maybe things are on the move. He had the nerve conduction tests on Friday morning, so should be getting the results from that this week.

So as we embark on a new week, please come with us in prayer to our Mighty God to thank Him for all He’s done and to ask Him to continue His wonderful healing work in Luke

1 Please thank God for the massive progress we have seen over recent weeks. His cousins who visited yesterday hadn’t seen him for 3 weeks, and couldn’t believe the difference in him. When they last saw him he could only lift his hand if they put it on his chest, so that it was elevated first. Now he’s able to feed himself sandwiches and drinks. He’s not up to a knife and fork yet – but please pray that will come next 2 Please continue to pray for his legs and feet, especially with the new feelings that movement will follow. His feet are still completely ‘dead’ 3 He continues to call the ward the ‘just have a go’ ward! Please pray that there will be lots of opportunities this week for him to have a go at something new! 4 That he will be able to have more strength in his fingers and control too. Luke LOVES writing, please pray for that ability to come back really soon ‘Those who trust in the LORD are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the LORD surrounds his people both now and forevermore.’ Psalm 125:1-2

God’s heart for us is immense and as we trust Him He truly does surround us, protecting us and hedging us in. Even when He has allowed our journey to take what is for us, an unexpected turn, He continues to be faithful to us.

With love and thanks

Gary and Debbie


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