GBS Update: Thursday 17th June 2010

Thank you so much for all your prayers for Luke’s move. He had a really good day yesterday and seems settled and happy in his new abode! He had visits from lots of the nurses and physios on ICU/HDU and was delighted that they had taken the time to come up and see him. The Neuro doctor told him that he was going to recommend to the consultant that Luke is referred for rehab straight away as he is doing so well. It would appear, however, that the rehab unit we visited on Tuesday is being moved over onto the ward Luke is on, so it remains to be seen where Luke will be for rehab. But either way they are saying that he is strengthening so well that rehab is next.

Luke’s medication for pain has now been reduced to just three different drugs, plus paracetamol and also local anaesthetic patches for his feet at night. This is massive progress from where he was and means that his pain is getting less and less, for which we thank God. He has progressed from the stretch chair to the anatome chair which he can shuffle onto using a banana board which they sit him up on. Although he cannot himself make the transition from lying down to sitting up, he can hold himself in a sitting position on the board as they manoeuvre him into the chair. Yesterday he fed himself his sandwich tea and drank a bottle of drink holding it totally by himself with both hands and without a straw – as you can see there is much to celebrate and give thanks for!

So please pray with us

1 Thanking God for the amazing acceleration we are seeing in Luke’s recovery, and for the way in which he has settled in upstairs

2 Please pray for a clear way forward with regard to rehab. It all feels very unclear at the moment, I’m not sure even the staff know quite what’s happening with location etc

3 Luke is visiting the gym this morning and they are going to try some form of exercise to prepare him for standing, but he still has no feeling in his feet at all or movement. Please pray for this to return and for his legs to gain in strength

4 That Luke will know God’s steadfast love towards him continually and see in ever increasing measure His purposes for Luke’s life

‘Through all that I have known, I have been held in the shelter of Your hand;

And as my life unfolds, You are revealing the wisdom of Your sovereign plan.

There are no shadows in Your faithfulness, there are no limits to Your love.

I’m grateful for the air I breathe, I’m so thankful for this life I live, For the mercies that You pour on me, And the blessings that meet every need. And the grace that is changing me from a hopeless case to a child that’s free, Free to give You praise, for in everything I know You love me.’

We have sung this song over many years and never has it been more pertinent than now. God is shaping us, and changing us and making us more and more into what He always intended us to be. He is totally to be trusted and worthy of our Praise.

With our love and thanks

Gary and Debbie


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