GBS Update: Wednesday 16th June 2010

After 80 days in hospital Luke has been transferred out of the Neuro ICU/HDU, and is up on the ward. We had two false starts earlier in the day, when he was ready to go but it was cancelled, but eventually at 7pm last night he was moved. It was lovely for him to have Esther and James, his former housemates who were visiting at the time, with him, and they helped settle him in. So onwards and upwards to the next stage of our journey!

Yesterday afternoon Luke had a trip in the stretch chair over to the rehab centre which is one of a possible two that he will be transferred to next. There are 8 beds, and Luke is keen to get over there. The physio who is up on his new ward, came for the twilight shift, to do his stretches. She hasn’t seen Luke for 12 days, and could not believe the difference in him! No trache, strong voice and so much more movement in his arms. His wrists seem to be strengthening, as he has increasing control over them, but not much strength yet, and although full recovery is a long way off he is strengthening all the time.

So thank you so much for continuing to pray, your prayers are powerful and effective and so we come with more to pray for today

1 Please continue to pray that Luke will adapt well to this new phase, and like a dear friend e- mailed yesterday, to look at how far he has come, rather than how far he has to go!

2 For his circulation. His hands and feet are constantly cold, whilst the rest of him is warm, so it’s very hard for him to get comfortable. We are sure this is due to the GBS as Luke would normally have really warm hands and feet

3 Please pray for him to remain stable without the ventilator

4 Please pray for a bed to become available sooner rather than later in rehab. Because there are so few beds and this unit covers such a wide area, serving a population of 2.8m, the throughput in the unit is slow, and there could be quite a wait

5 For God to be growing things in Luke which will bring much fruit in the years to come, that Luke will continue to know His heart towards him day by day

‘For I can do everything with the help of Christ who gives me the strength I need.’ Philippians 4:13

Apart from God this is an impossibly difficult path, but He gives strength for today and hope for tomorrow, for which we are so grateful

With our love and thanks

Gary and Debbie


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