GBS Update: Monday 14th June 2010

From Luke Dictated Sun 13th June

By the time you read this, my trache will have been removed and patched up and it will finally be down to my lungs alone to give me oxygen! I will have had 48 hours on the speaking valve and trache mask without any ventilator support, during which my oxygen levels have been fine. This means that I no longer need to be getting the type of care I’ve had so far and so by Monday afternoon I will have been moved up to Southampton General’s Stanley Graveson’s ward. It is likely that I will stay here for at least a few days whilst the medical team assess my stability off the ventilator. The only place for me to go after this is rehab, which is just across the car park. What we don’t know, is just how quickly I will be moved over. Nevertheless, this move in itself is something to thank God for. Thinking back over the journey I’ve been on over the past 11 weeks, it is amazing to me that so many of our specific requests for prayer have been answered. Thank you once again so much for standing with us in it.

Today I’d like to ask you to pray for the following things which are often on my mind at the moment

1 That I will continue to be stable without any ventilation support. A relapse at this stage could mean an even longer weaning process all over again

2 Energy. I have been told that for quite some time to come everything I do will consume a lot more energy than I would expect in ‘real’ life. Obviously, it will take time for me to get my normal strength back, so I suppose I will need more patience too

3 Please pray that I will settle into my new environment quickly. I have been in this unit for more than 8 weeks and have gotten to know most of the staff personally. I have made a lot of friends! So it will be quite a change for me

Thank you once again for all your prayers and support. At a time like this, when my surroundings are changing, I have been particularly aware of God’s presence with me in this trial. He never changes and I’m so grateful that He has been walking next to me throughout this journey.


Luke x


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