GBS Update: Thursday 10th June 2010

Luke had another good day yesterday, so thank you so much for your prayers. He was on the ventilator for an hour and off for two, so throughout the day managed 8 ½ hours or so off the vent. He said that he felt fine, which is a vast improvement on a couple of weeks ago, to manage so long without any ill effects. He continues to banter with the nurses, physios and doctors, and as I walked up the corridor yesterday one of the cleaners stopped me and said ‘Wherever your son is, there is laughter!’

So today we’d just like to ask you to join with us in praying for improvements to continue and for Luke to continue to be of good mood. He is very aware of God working things out in his life, and allowing this because He loves him.

1 Thank God for His constant hand on Luke’s life and for the healing that is unfolding before us

2 Please continue to pray for successful weaning off the vent at the right time

3 For Luke’s blood pressure which is low for a lot of the time. Please pray that it wouldn’t drop too low

4 That the repairing of Luke’s nerve endings would progress, that he might see movement in his feet which have no feeling or movement. Also for his wrists, which are still weak and limp. He can lift his fore arms, but not his whole arms yet, and has little control over his hands and fingers when his arms are raised

‘Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise.’ Hebrews 10:23

God has shown us throughout this whole journey that He is faithful. He can be trusted to keep His promises, even when what we see with our eyes is not yet what He has promised. We do believe the promises He has given us over Luke’s life, and indeed all of our lives and will continue to look to Him to accomplish that which only He can do!

With grateful thanks and love

Gary and Debbie


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