GBS Update: Tuesday 8th June 2010

Luke is looking so much more like Luke. His face really does seem to have fully returned to normal muscle movement; who would have thought a few months ago that we would be celebrating something so little, which now seems so massive! The physios plan yesterday was for him to have one hour on the ventilator followed by one hour off, throughout the day. He did this for six hours, i.e. 3 hours on and three hours off. But the third hour off coincided with him being in the stretch chair and taking a trip into the fresh air, after which he was very tired, so he called it a day then and was on the ventilator for the rest of the day. He said he feels like he is learning to read his body and pace himself, which is an answer to all of our prayers. The measure on the ventilator which was 8 but needs to reduce to 5 was put down to 6 for most of the day yesterday, which is big progress and Luke was pleased.

Luke yesterday recalled that he has had 74 days in ICU, and we were wondering how we could mark his 100th day if he is still resident somewhere in the hospital! In many ways it seems a very long time since he was first taken ill, and yet at the same time we cannot believe 10 ½ weeks have passed. God has been so faithful to all of us throughout this time, and when I woke this morning this song was ringing in my mind

This is how we know

This is how we know what love is

Just one look at Your cross

And this is where we see

This is where we see how love works

For You surrendered Your all

And this is how we know

That You have loved us first

This is where we chose

To love You in return

For You so loved the world

That You gave Your only Son

Love amazing, so divine

We will love You in return

For this life that You give

For this death that You have died

Love amazing, so divine

We will love You in reply, Lord

Please join with us in praying to the One who loves us more than any of us will truly realise in this life. Whatever he allows to take place in our lives, we can either embrace and learn from or try to escape from and reject His loving purposes. We don’t just want a comfortable life, but to live our lives in such a way as to bring glory to Him. Our prayer for today is that Luke will continue to strengthen, that he will get to the gym this week, and make progress in coming off the ventilator. But mostly, that he will know the Father heart of God ministering to him, and speaking to him about the plans He has for Luke’s life.

We give you our thanks and love for your partnering with us throughout

Gary and Debbie


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