GBS Update: Monday 7th June

Luke Dictated 6.45pm 6/6/10

For me, this weekend has been one during which I have realised again just how far I have come on this journey. I have suddenly found myself feeling very out of place on the unit. Although I have always felt more well than I am, I now look around the unit at the people around me and I feel like the odd one out. There are people all around me with very serious conditions and they look the part. And although I am still ventilated and have limited movement, it almost feels like I shouldn’t be here. I guess this is a sign that both mentally and physically I am almost ready to get off the ventilator and get on with the next stage of my recovery.

Over the weekend I have seen a few improvements that should help bring me closer to the ward upstairs. By Sunday evening I had eaten numerous Marmite flatbreads by myself, picking them up from the bed and lifting them to my mouth unaided. And when reading the Sunday Times I found I was able to turn a page or two without help. The new range of movement I have in my left arm, as well as being useful, has been fascinating. I found myself sitting in my bed, as I do, on Saturday afternoon, and simply gazing at my thumb (I never realised how much dead skin had accumulated – another thing to look forward to getting rid of). I thank God for all of these improvements and thank you for all your prayers.

This week, I’m looking forward to getting to the gym for the first time and seeing my right arm catch up with my left. I’m hoping that when the physios consider making a plan for this week, that they will allow me to spend more time off the ventilator. It would be great if you could pray for all these things as you go through the week. Over the weekend I had a range of visitors who reminded me again of just how many people are going on this journey with us. Thank you so much.

With love

Luke x


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