GBS Update: Thursday 3rd June 2010

We just want to thank you for your prayers and your amazing ‘stick ability’ with us! We really know your hearts for our boy, and God holding us and continuing to strengthen us as we go from day to day. Luke had a very good day yesterday. He had two dear friends from Uni visit and his granddad from Liverpool travelled down too, and with Ben popping in after work it was a very full day. He is taking the weaning off the ventilator slowly, and is going to space the periods off the ventilator out into shorter slots throughout the day, ranging for half to one hour at a time for the moment.

Thank you for praying for his breathing, it is getting there slowly. Yesterday however, he saw huge strides in moving his left arm. He found he was able to lift his lower arm from the bed up towards his face and by teatime could hold, quite precariously(!) a mini digestive biscuit and lift it to his mouth and feed himself. His arm is wobbly and it was quite amusing, but we felt like dancing, and he showed off this trick a couple of times to whoever was passing, until his arm grew tired! We do wonder if he will end up with his arms being usable, before coming off the vent, which would mean that as he goes up on to the ward he wouldn’t feel so vulnerable, but would be able to read, use the remote etc. His right arm too, he can lift off the bed but only a couple of inches. He said he can’t believe how much movement is coming back, and it is quite amazing to witness!

We do know that God knows better than us (thankfully!) and whilst we felt, and were being told that the breathing was most important, it may be that God is answering what Luke has always wanted deep down, which is movement in his arms before he goes up onto the ward!

So please pray with us today

1 Thank God so much that he knows us so intimately, and even those longings that often lay at the back of our minds, He knows about and cares about, i.e. Luke’s arms

2 For Luke to continue to have hope for the future, and to see encouragements day by day, in movement and breathing

3 Please pray as you feel led to, who knows the mind of God? His ways are so much better than ours

‘Can you solve the mysteries of God? Can you discover everything about the Almighty? Such knowledge is higher than the heavens—and who are you? It is deeper than the underworld, what do you know? It is broader than the earth and wider than the sea.’ Job 11:7-9

Thank you for continuing to intercede with us for our son, we know God holds him in His hands. His plans are to do Luke good and bless him

With much love and many thanks

Gary and Debbie


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