GBS Update: Tuesday 25th May 2010

We received an e mail yesterday from our friend Anne, whom we stayed with in Sheffield. She was commenting on the photos from the weekend, saying how great it was to see Luke smile, something he couldn’t do when she last saw him five and a bit weeks ago. It was a timely reminder of the progress Luke has made. It feels as though we are in a bit of a lull, progress wise, so it is good to be reminded of just how far Luke has come. There was a time when his face was expressionless and he was pretty well fully paralysed. Now, he can smile, eat and speak and hold his head up and has quite good movement in his arms even though he can’t lift them. The Neurologist visited yesterday and said that some of his arm muscles score 4/5, 5 being normal. Luke said yesterday that he feels his body is becoming so much stronger, even though the outward signs, i.e. movements, are not there yet! These are real answers to prayer, so thank you for continuing to pray with us to our wonderful God. We remember reading once the comment that ‘Whilst God is never late in answering our prayers, we’ve found that He’s seldom early!’ We believe that God is bringing about His healing for Luke, in His perfect timing, hard as it may be to wait.

Please pray with us today

1 For us to remember how far Luke has come and for grace and patience for us all

2 For Luke to daily know His strength, and for Luke’s strength to increase as he waits on Him

3 For God to be preparing Luke for the next steps of his journey, i.e. coming off the ventilator, up onto the ward and then on to rehab.

‘The grace of God upon my life

Is not dependent upon me

On what I have done or deserved

But a gift of mercy from God

Which has been given unto me

Because of His love, His love for me.

It is unending, unfailing, unlimited, unmerited

The grace of God given unto me

It is unending, unfailing, unlimited, unmerited

The grace of God given unto me.’

We actually deserve nothing from God, and yet He loves us passionately, and has the very best in mind for us as a family. We know we can trust Him.

With love,

Gary and Debbie


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