GBS Update: Monday 24th May 2010

We are well into the ninth week of our journey and what a long way Luke has come. He had a very enjoyable weekend, with a trip outside on both Saturday and Sunday, and family from Sussex visiting on both days. He was very tired afterwards, but you could see him enjoying the feel of being outside and a sense of normality. He continues to be very bright, and when we left last night, there was lots of laughter coming from his bed space as he bantered with the nurses. Friendships are very important to Luke and he makes friends wherever he goes!

He is very aware of so many of you praying for him, and humbled and heartened too as we are, that you continue to walk with us and pray. We would like to ask you to pray with us today

1 Thank God so much for the evident steps forward, that He holds Luke and protects him and is in the process of healing him

2 For Luke to go from strength to strength in becoming more mobile, not just in the stretch chair, but that he will start to see big strides in his ability to move, especially in his arms, hands and fingers

3 For his circulation as he starts to be able to sit up for longer periods. His feet go quite blue, and he seems to be left with some redness in both feet but especially his right one. Please pray that as his body starts to adapt to a more vertical posture his circulation would work well too

4 For him to continue to have a positive fighting spirit. He works hard during physio and during the day generally we try and do some stretches. Luke is keen to get moving! Please pray that God will continue to give him things to aim for in terms of goals etc

‘Ah, Sovereign LORD, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.’ Jeremiah 32:17


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