GBS Update: Sunday 23rd May 2010

From Luke, Dictated 7pm 22/5/10

What a beautiful day we had today. I know because I could see the sun shining on the concrete pillars through the dirty window next to my bed. I had thought that would be the only way I would be able to tell how nice it was outside until this morning. The sister in charge burst into my bed space to inform me that today we were going on a trip! So, after enjoying some time with family over from Sussex I was moved to the stretch chair and escorted outside by three members of staff and a trolley full of ventilation equipment. Naturally, we were met outside by the paparazzi eager to catch a glimpse of Luke catching his first rays since getting ill! (See attached photos) We were outside for about 15 minutes and although it wasn’t the day at the seaside I might have had were I well it was enough to make me very happy as it gave me a taste of real life after hospital!

To all of you who have prayed for stability in my breathing, increased movement and brightening of mood, I thank you so very much. I think you will agree that there has been a lot of progress in just one week. Let’s thank God for all of this and I invite you to continue to ask for more signs of improvement over the coming week.

With my love and thanks to you all,

Luke x


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