GBS Update: Sunday 16th May 2010

Dictated Saturday 7.30pm

Thank you so much for your prayers over the last 24 hours. In trying to help me get better as soon as possible, the doctors realised they had pushed me too far in their eagerness to see me recover. Thankfully, the effects of this come purely down to exhaustion and I’ve spent the last 24 hours resting and being gradually weaned down to the level of ventilation support I was receiving before Friday. Knowing there were people fighting by my side was a huge comfort and I’m pleased to say that they’ve not had to stick any more tubes into my nose or veins. I know you will be thrilled to hear that we have started to see some success on the bowel front!! I don’t think, before getting GBS, that I could ever have conceived of a situation where I would be sharing my bowel movements with thousands of people, but I really do appreciate your prayers and they have been answered. Please pray for more!!

My next big goal is to get moved up 3 floors to the Stanley Graveson Ward, which will be where my next stage of treatment happens. Today I’d like to ask you to pray for all the things that need to happen for me to get there. As you know the ability to breathe without the assistance of the ventilator is the most important factor. Please pray that my weaning off the ventilator would happen at the appropriate rate, not too slow or too fast as either leads to a lot of frustration. As the doctors have been saying over the last couple of days, my progress so far has been at an impressive rate but we know that God is willing and able to heal and bring recovery far more quickly than we expect. The other factor that is very important to me before being moved is full use of my arms, hands and fingers. This will make life a lot easier for me on the ward and will help me to be more independent. I’d really appreciate your prayers for this too.

Finally, another massive thank you to everyone who has sent cards, letters and e mails. They make such a difference to life in hospital. Over the last 7 weeks I have heard from my closest friends and people I’ve never met. It is these messages of support which serve as a constant reminder to me that whatever happens I’m being held in the Everlasting Arms, and we often re-visit old messages to remind ourselves how much God has done already. As you join with me in prayer, let’s continue to trust Him for all He will do.

With all my love Luke x


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