GBS Update: Friday 14th May 2010

Luke had an eventful day yesterday. His bowel has started to move, and the pain is much less than on the two previous days, so thank you so much for your prayers. He looked brighter and was obviously feeling more comfortable. When the Consultant did his round he told Luke that they are anticipating him being off the ventilator and moved onto the Neuro ward early next week! In preparation for this they moved Luke across the corridor from ICU to HDU yesterday afternoon. On HDU one nurse cares for two patients as opposed to one to one care on ICU, so this will help him get used to a general ward. When we left last night, he had spent eight and a half hours off the ventilator with the speaking valve – what an amazing acceleration in healing! He also spent a good 40 minutes sitting up in the chair/bed, and had two sessions of physio. He had several short visits too, so his day was full.

The Consultant told us yesterday that Luke’s progress was unusual for GBS, as the return of movement usually precedes being off the ventilator. In Luke’s case his breathing has returned at a rapid rate, and movement is still to come. We believe it is no coincidence that we have asked you all to pray with us specifically, for his breathing, and God has answered that prayer! The Consultant also told us that we should write off this year, expecting Luke’s recovery to take to the end of the year. We would love God to continue to confound the medics and bring a rapid and total restoration for our son.

So thank you from our hearts, we have a wonderful God who heals today, so let’s keep believing for God’s intervention in this whole process

1 Please pray that Luke would adapt well to the progress he is making, and not feel too vulnerable but actually enjoy being well enough not to need one to one care.

2 For continued progress in bowel movements, and that his bowel would function well on an ongoing basis.

3 For Luke to totally come off the ventilator as anticipated by early next week.

4 For God’s sovereign healing in Luke’s body, for GBS to go, and for normal functioning of his immune system and nervous system to return.

5 For Luke to know God near, every step of the way. Staff may change and surroundings may change, but God has promised never to leave him or abandon him.

I’m reminded of a worship song that we’ve sung for many years:

‘I stand amazed when I realise Your love for me is beyond all measure.

O Lord, I can’t deny Your love for me is great.

It’s as high, high as the heavens above; such is the depth of Your love

Toward those who fear You.

O Lord, far as the east is from west, You have removed my transgressions.

You make my life brand new: Father, I love You.

Your love is higher, high as the heavens.

Your love is deeper, deeper than the deepest ocean.

Your love is stronger, stronger than the powers of darkness.

Your love is sweeter, sweeter than wine.’

Who can understand the depth of God’s love for us? Who are we that He should care for us, let alone respond to our prayers? Let’s continue to look to Jesus whose love for us is greater than we can ever comprehend!

With very much love,

Gary and Debbie


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