GBS Update: Monday 10th May 2010

Luke had another good day yesterday! Weekends are always quieter on the ward, so he didn’t sit up in the chair at all, but he had physio which he always enjoys. He has now had two nights off the ventilator all night with just the oxygen mask over his trache. This is a big achievement and is a positive step towards weaning him off the ventilator. The doctor told him yesterday that the next step is to increase the time off the ventilator during the day with the oxygen mask over his trache, but with the speaking valve fitted too. This is much harder work for Luke but needs to happen in increasing measure in order to be totally breathing by himself.

He is eating well and getting very hungry. The sister told him on Saturday that she has nursed for over 20 years and has never known a ventilated patient be well enough to eat! It really is a joy to see him progressing day after day, and it is amazing the things we get excited about; e.g. his cough is improving and his pucker too – all answers to specific prayer!

So, thank you for bearing with us in seeking God’s healing, and please pray

1 That Luke is able to be off the ventilator for longer and longer periods during the day and especially that he will be able to cope with using the speaking valve at the same time. That God would strengthen his lungs and diaphragm in increasing measure.

2 Please pray for wisdom for the medical team as they try to balance physio for strengthening his body, with weaning him off the ventilator. If he has sat up in the chair, or had stretches, he hasn’t been able to cope with being off the ventilator for more than a few minutes, as he is completely worn out. Please pray for the right balance, BUT at the same time for miraculous intervention from God, that Luke would see a leap in strength to breathe by himself.

3 For Luke’s bowel movements! He knows this is a bit embarrassing, but has asked it to be a prayer point as he is so uncomfortable and getting lots of tummy pain. Please pray for regular bowel movements and for the whole of his digestive system to work as it should, as it starts to adjust to real food.

4 For God’s constant presence and blessing on Luke; that this will be a time that he remembers in years to come for all the right reasons – that Luke will fulfil all that God has for him.

My heart will sing to You because of Your great love

A love so rich so pure, a love beyond compare

The wilderness, the barren place

Become as blessing in the warmth of Your embrace.

May my heart sing Your praise forever

May my voice lift Your name my God

May my soul know no other pleasure

Than Your love, than Your love.

We have a wonderful Mighty God who loves us passionately, and because of that will allow trials to come in order to grow us and change us and use us for His glory. We have known Him for over 27 years, and his care for us today gives us great hope for tomorrow. We love and trust Him.

With much love,

Gary and Debbie


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