GBS Update: Sunday 9th May 2010

I’m going to church today with Gary and Joel, leaving Luke to enjoy a film with his nurse pals at the hospital, which is just a sign of how well he’s doing. So today’s update comes from Luke:

Thank you so much for all of your prayers. As you have heard by now they are having great effect! As it’s a Sunday, I thought it would be appropriate to pray just one thing:

Please thank God for everything He’s done so far. I have come a long way already and on this day of rest I thought it would be appropriate to simply thank God for everything and to ask for more of the same. Personally, I’m thanking God for

• My voice strengthening day by day

• Being able to get out of bed this week and sit up

• Being able to eat and drink for the first time this week

• For my pain being almost completely under control

• For the increases in strength I’ve seen in my body over the last week

• For the fact that the hospital have moved my level of care from 3 to 2, which means that a move to the ward upstairs might not be far away

• For all of you who are standing in prayer with me and my family and who have helped in practical ways over the last 6 weeks. You are ALL amazing!

It is so great to know that you are taking part in this battle with us and through your prayers I know God constantly holding me, comforting me and giving me hope for a bright future. I firmly believe this is His work and He deserves our thanks and praise for everything He has done so far and all He will do.

Lots of love,



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