GBS Update: Saturday 8th May 2010

Just wanted to start by thanking God for His amazing healing work that He is doing in Luke. We have seen good day after good day and are so thankful and humbled that we have a God who not only loves us wholeheartedly, but who loves it when we look to Him and seek His hand on our lives. We heard the Consultant telling his team that Luke is going from strength to strength, which as we know is not at all usual for GBS!

Luke was again sat up when I arrived yesterday and was being fed chocolate buttons whilst watching the debates after the election. Apparently he stayed awake until 4am watching the results come in! He ate well all day, and had a long sleep in the afternoon recuperating after his late night! The doctors plan to start weaning him off the ventilator, by giving him longer periods of time throughout the day with just the oxygen mask over his trache but without the speaking valve. In order to talk when off the ventilator, he needs the valve fitted to his trache, but at the moment it tires him out as it makes him work harder to breathe. When he slept yesterday afternoon he was off the ventilator for two hours with just the mask over his trache, and didn’t struggle at all. They planned to do the same for the whole night last night, but weren’t sure if it would be too hard work for him. We shall find out when we go in today. The Consultant also suggested that Luke gets out and about around the hospital as he is doing so well. This will mean being in the bed that becomes a chair, with the oxygen mask over his trache and a mini ventilator in case he needs it. It all sounds very scary to us, but the nurses would be able to take him outside for a walk, which would be great as he hasn’t seen the sky for six weeks!

Please pray

1 That Luke will cope really well for longer periods off the ventilator, especially at night. And that he will be strong enough to breathe with the trache mask and speaking valve during the day.

2 Continue to pray for increased movement throughout his body, but especially hands and arms.

3 For him to continue to eat well so that he can come off the tube feeding altogether. Yesterday they took him off the feed during the day, but were going to tube feed him overnight.

4 We are told that Luke won’t be moved onto a ward until he is off the ventilator. Please pray that he will get to that point soon physically, and be ready in himself to make the move.

5 That God will continue to do a sovereign work in Luke, physically, spiritually and emotionally – that He will speak to Luke about His purposes for him.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 We know God has plans for each of our lives, including Luke’s, and that His heart is to bless us and not to harm us. We trust Him to work out Luke’s future, and ours, as each day unfolds.

With heartfelt thanks and love,

Gary and Debbie


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