GBS Update: Friday 7th May 2010

I arrived yesterday morning to Luke on the far end of the ward, sat up in a chair – what a surprise! The ‘chair’ is a flat bed, which they slid him onto horizontally and then sat him up. He had a big smile on his face and looked really good. He managed 25 minutes, which doesn’t sound long, but he’s been lying down for six weeks, so it was a good length of time to sit upright. Again he was very upbeat. I was commenting on the fact that it’s 3 weeks today since he was transferred, which means 6 weeks overall in ICU. He said, ‘I don’t think of it like that, I just think, today’s another day and just get on with it.’ He has amazing peace about him, and the nurses keep commenting on how positive he is. He and we know it is the grace of God.

He ate well again yesterday and is hoping to be off the tube feeding in the next day or so. His arms are gaining in movement, i.e. he can move his elbows out a little, but he still can’t lift his arms. The Doctors are delighted with his progress and the Physios are working at getting him moving more, which is why he is now starting to sit up. We really need to see progress in coming off the ventilator, but for the moment, they are focusing on getting him eating and moving – he can’t do it all at once!

Thank you so much for praying as you do, we have seen so much change in the last 2 weeks, which spurs us on to keep looking to Jesus, our healer and restorer. So please pray

1 That Luke will continue to respond well to physio, that we will see marked improvement in movement!

2 Continue to pray for strength to return in increased measure to his abs. He can now lift his head off the pillow, so strength is returning.

3 For his lungs and diaphragm to get stronger, that the weaning process off the ventilator would accelerate. We have been told that he will continue on ICU until he is off the ventilator.

4 He still has no movement in his legs and feet. These will be the last parts of his body to recover as paralysis with GBS works up from the feet to the head, and as it recedes movement returns from head to the feet. Please pray that he will start to be able to move his toes. They are still uncertain whether or not he has nerve damage in his legs, please pray that he won’t have!

5 For God’s abundant blessing on Luke as he recovers. That he will know God rejoicing over him, and delighting in him

O GOD OF LOVE, I come to You again, knowing I’ll find mercy. I can’t explain all the things I see, but I’ll trust in You. In every moment You are there, watching over, You hear my prayer. You go before me, You’re behind me, nothing’s hidden from You. How good it is to be loved by You, How good it is. O God of strength, Your hand is on my life, bringing peace to me. You know my frame, You know how I am made, You planned all my days. Hand of mercy, hand of love, giving power to overcome If all beneath me falls away, I know that You are God.

We have sung this song over many years, yet when you’re in a situation like this it is just so pertinent. A friend reminded Luke of it the other day, and it perfectly sums up the passionate heart God has for those He has created. No detail of our lives escapes Him, and though trails may come, He is faithful and with us throughout.

With much love,

Gary and Debbie


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