GBS Update: Monday 3rd May 2010

Another brief update today. Yesterday Luke was very tired and by the afternoon he was in a lot of pain. He was getting shooting pains in his feet and legs whenever his feet were moved or touched. As we’ve said before, this is ‘good pain’ as it means his nervous system is repairing itself, but it is hard to bear. He told us there is no real way of describing it. He was too tired to breathe for himself but despite this he said he was feeling well. He is optimistic about his progress which is greatly encouraging for all. The Physio said and we noticed, that he had increased movement in his fingers and a bit more strength in his arms. When we are not with him he is keeping himself entertained with DVD’s, worship CD’s and election programmes and he enjoys having the newspaper read to him.

When you spend time with him it is obvious that God continues to work in him. The progress he has made over the last 10 days or so has been steady, day on day, with no serious setbacks. This was not what we were told to expect. His mood remains good, which can only be an answer to all our prayers, but there are things that he has asked us to continue to pray for

1 That he would be able to make rapid progress in time spent off the ventilator

2 For the pain in his feet and legs to pass quickly

3 That there would not be any nerve damage to his legs

4 For strength to return quickly especially to his upper body

5 Continue to pray for his pucker, which is improving but not there yet. He’s looking forward to a cup of tea!

6 For the peace of God to continue to guard his heart and mind, as he spends day after day on ICU

‘The Sovereign LORD is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to go on the heights.‘ Habukkuk 3:19

Without God, this trial would be beyond us; knowing Him with us every step of the way enables us to not only walk this path, but as He strengthens us, to have a lightness of step, and a sure and steadfast trust in Him. Thank you so much, every one of you, you are amazingly faithful friends.

With our love,

Gary and Debbie


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