GBS Update: Saturday 1st May 2010

Luke asked us to start today by telling you specific answers to prayer, which have come slowly, but continue to come surely. We thank God for intervening in a situation that appeared so dire ten days ago, yet day by day we see continued answers to specific prayer. Luke was much brighter in himself yesterday but sleepy. The Physios have told him that his right leg now has flickers of movement, and his arms have the beginnings of movement too, to bend the elbow. They are reviewing his additional pain relief (morphine), which they started on Thursday, because that can contribute to low mood interestingly! His pain last night was not as bad as it was the night before. He was off the ventilator for another 10 minutes, and he chatted to his aunt and uncle all the way through. These are all small steps, but great achievements for Luke, and significant as we continue to pray to our Mighty God for complete restoration.

The results of the nerve conduction tests showed whether Luke has inflammation of the nerve ends or actual nerve damage, which would be much more serious. The Consultant told Luke that his arms only show inflammation, which is good news, and it would appear the same for his feet. His results on his legs were less clear, largely due to interference from all the machinery on ICU. The intention is to re-do these tests in a couple of weeks. Luke asked what it would mean if he has nerve damage in his legs, and was told that the nerves would have to re-grow, which would take about a year. They have increased his food to energy food as the Physios are working him hard. He said that by the end of yesterday he was feeling like he had more energy which is good.

Thank you so much for continuing to bring him before our God in prayer. Please pray

1 That the damage to Luke’s legs will be limited to inflammation and not nerve damage

2 He was able to clear the sputum in his throat yesterday, which was amazing in itself, but the cough isn’t fully there yet. Please continue to pray for his cough, and likewise with his pucker!

3 That his pain relief will be reviewed so that it will be effective without any nasty side effects

4 That his times off the ventilator will increase as he gets stronger, especially for the diaphragm to come to life again

5 For continued improvement in movement in all his limbs

6 That he will know amazing times with God, and continue to stand on the Truth of God’s promises to him

7 It’s Ben’s birthday today, please pray that he will be really blessed in the middle of everything going on

We continue to be overwhelmed with your love, support and prayers. Not only has God put around us an amazing army of pray-ers, but He walks with us every step of this journey

Though I walk upon ground that is rugged and uneven Your faithful hand won’t lead me astray Through the rain and the clouds, where the sun is barely shining Your grace surrounds my life every day every day You reign, Yesterday, today, forevermore, forevermore You reign, In every circumstance You are good, You are good You rule the world, You rule the world, You reign You are the name above all names, the King above all Kings, You reign!

May Jesus be glorified through this trial, He reigns in every situation of life and we trust Him completely.

With very much love

Gary and Debbie


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