GBS Update: Thursday 29th April 2010

Luke has taken control today and suggested prayer points, and has a message for you too. He had his seventh good day yesterday, and is amazing the staff, who keep coming and telling us how well he is doing and what a great attitude he has. One of the sisters told us last night that usually people of Luke’s age and at the same stage of GBS are miserable and angry with the limitations of their body. She said it was great to have someone joking and bantering with them, and with such a positive attitude. Luke replied, ‘Well there’s no point in being miserable – I’m getting better!’

Luke asked today for three points to be prayed for:

1 Key areas of his body

His pout – he would dearly love this to return sooner rather than later as it will mean he can start to drink and eat, which he is very keen to do!

His fingers, hands and arms – this would start to give him a level of normality, and together with the pout returning would mean that he can start to feed himself and write etc. This would be a major step forward, but not too difficult for God we know!

2 Management of GBS

Pain relief – that doses of pain killers etc would be managed well, that God would give wisdom and accuracy to those treating him. He was in pain the other day, and they added another morphine drug to manage the pain, when Luke realised that the pain killer patch on his arm had fallen off, which was why the pain had ‘increased’

Trache – the doctors have discussed with Luke the process of weaning him off the ventilator. This should be a long and drawn out process. Please pray for Luke’s lungs to increase in strength, and that he would adapt well to decreasing ventilation, that God would accelerate the process.

Treatment – he had nerve conduction tests yesterday to clarify for sure the position re plasma exchange. Please pray for the right outcome for his healing

3 Comfort in hospital

For good rest and sound sleep, he told me yesterday he’s had a ‘magnificent’ sleep the night before, which makes such a difference to the next day, and the healing process

For positioning. He can become very uncomfortable, and has to be turned every 2-3 hours, when he is comfortable it makes such a difference to him. He’s been in bed now for nearly 5 weeks

For communication with the nurses, particularly when the cuff on his trache is up and he can’t speak

For wisdom in starting to have visitors. That as and when that happens, he won’t get too tired

Luke dictated this message last night for every one of you

‘In the last week I have made exactly the ‘significant progress’ the doctors warned me not to expect. In my mind, this can only be down to our awesome God answering your prayers. Thank you so much. Please keep going! And know that as you pray, you are joining me in the fight to see this GBS fully retreat. We have seen so much progress already, but there is still so much more to come! Thank you doesn’t seem enough, but you all have my heartfelt gratitude for the part you are playing in my recovery.

With much love from Luke


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