GBS Update: Monday 26th April 2010

Thank you so much for interceding as we know you are – we have a Mighty God, who works all things together for good for those who love Christ. Yesterday morning Gary went to church and I went to visit Luke. As I came to his bed I said hello to him and I heard ‘Morning!’ back. He was speaking again. He had seen the physio earlier on and she suggested that rather than fully lowering the cuff on the trache for a couple of hours a day, why not half lower it (which meant Luke could still talk, albeit slightly squeaky) for the whole day and then close it up at night. He had also seen the consultant who said to him ‘You are going to cause us a problem Luke – you’re getting better!’ Luke asked him ‘Does this count as significant improvement?!’

The consultant told him that as he was the consultant anaesthetist, it wasn’t his decision whether or not they would go ahead with the plasma exchange on Tuesday, but he said that as Luke is now able to talk he could contribute to the discussion with the consultant neurologist, about the way ahead when he sees Luke today.

He was also told by the consultant that he had to imagine he is 50 years older, and speak in short sentences, and have a siesta every day, or he will wear himself out talking! When the physio came back later in the morning she said, ‘The doctor is really pleased with you today, I can tell you!’ Luke told her he was glad to have his voice back as he is one of the world’s great conversationalists!! (As many of you already know!)

He is still paralysed, with no feeling in his feet or movement in his legs or arms, but his fingers were moving significantly more yesterday than on Saturday.

Turning the cuff half down on the trache means he is still getting support from the ventilator. BUT there is significant improvement from our point of view, and yesterday afternoon Luke spent the whole time cracking jokes, and we were all killing ourselves laughing – it was so good to have the old Luke humour back again! The nurses and doctors were all saying how lovely it was to hear laughter on ICU!

Luke has given us lots of prayer points for today

1 Thank God for the amazing work of healing He is bringing about in Luke.

2 Please pray that Luke’s lips will start to pucker. The doctor suggested he try a drink of water, but the physio says that until he is able to move his lips, and especially to be able to pucker he won’t be able to hold the water in his mouth.

3 That his abdominal muscles will start to work. The reason he cannot lift his head is because his abs are paralysed.

4 He still has a little double vision, please pray that his eyes will align correctly to eradicate this.

5 Thank God for the improved movement in in his fingers, but he can still only move them a bit when his hand is turned over. Please pray for this to increase.

6 He was sweating again yesterday, please pray for this to stop.

7 For continued bowel movements!

8 That the conversation with the Neurologist goes well today, and that Luke would be able to voice what he thinks and that the consultant would have an open mind about waiting to see if Luke really needs plasma exchange.

9 That Luke will continue resting in the love God has for him.

Our constant prayer is that Luke will continue to have good day after good day and not relapse in any way. This would be miraculous, but he has already had 4 consecutive good days, which is a miracle in itself!

‘Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed’ says the Lord who has compassion on you.’ Isaiah 54:10

Our eyes are on Jesus as we see His miraculous healing work unfolding before us. His unfailing love and peace towards us will endure forever.

With our greatest thanks and love

Gary and Debbie


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