GBS Update: Sunday 25th April 2010

What a difference a day makes! When we went in yesterday morning Luke was keen to tell us that the physio and consultant had both been quite positive. This physio hadn’t seen Luke for a week and told him there was a big improvement in his facial muscles. The consultant had adjusted the ventilator so that Luke was initiating every breath and had also reduced the flow. He was greatly encouraged by this. He was quite sleepy after the physio so we left him to rest.

After lunch we returned and were met on the ward by the consultant who told us that Luke had had his first bowel movement without any help since he first became ill. He said this was really good news, as not only did it mean his bowel has started to function on it’s own, but it would help everything else, like his heart and breathing. When we got to his bed his heart rate was the lowest we had seen it and he looked good.

After about half an hour the consultant came over and said he thought it was about time we heard Luke’s voice! He suctioned Luke’s chest, and Luke asked to sit up a bit. They removed a load of gunk, then lowered the cuff in his trache and Luke opened his mouth and had a voice – it was amazing! The consultant said he would leave it like it for a bit to see how he went. As we chatted, they took bloods to check he was coping ok, and the nurse came back to tell us he was doing well, and he could continue for a bit. He spoke with us for just over 2 hours!!! His heart rate and BP remained stable throughout and he was able to talk about how he’d coped etc. He told us that on Wednesday when he took a turn for the worse, he remembered being surrounded by 4 or 5 doctors all trying to get a line into his body after his BP had plummeted. They eventually managed to get one into his groin. He remembers being in huge pain, but kept repeating ‘He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world!’ Throughout the time we were talking he was moving his hips and his whole torso started to move as well. What an answer to prayer!!

We praise God for these amazing improvements, at a time when the consultant was not expecting any significant improvement over the weekend. Luke kept saying to us , ’Is this ’significant’ do you think?!!

They tell us that they expect Luke to have a ‘bad’ day today, given he worked so hard yesterday. Our prayer is that that would not happen, which would mean a miracle given what is normal for GBS, but we serve a God of miracles so please join us in praying that Luke would see improvement upon improvement.

Please pray

1 That Luke would have a good day today, and continue to see some progress.

2 That he would not need plasma exchange on Tuesday. We don’t know what they term ‘significant improvement’ but please pray that there will be exactly that.

3 For movement in his arms and hands. Yesterday afternoon he had a very slight twitch in his fingers. Please pray that this would strengthen and increase.

4 Luke now has shooting pains in his feet, but the nurses tell him that is a good sign, as it means the myelin sheaths on his nerve endings are beginning to grow back.

5 Luke’s faith in God and His love for him has escalated through this time, praise God for that and pray more Lord!!

When John came to pray on Friday we met the consultant in the corridor. John told him that he was praying for Luke to have a good day after good day. The consultant told him that this never happens with GBS, but that progression is always up and down. Our hearts desire would be that God would confound these expectations, by showing that He is a God of power and does work miracles even today! We look to Him who is able to do immeasurably more that we can think of or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us.

We know there are so many of you praying with us, right across the world. We cannot thank you enough, but God knows and hears every prayer and our prayer is that He will bless you richly as you fight with us.

With heartfelt love and thanks

Gary and Debbie


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