GBS Update: Saturday 24th April 2010

We have just rung the hospital this morning and they tell us that Luke had another stable night. He was bright yesterday, and his BP and heart rate remained stable. The consultant is concerned, however, that his chest is not improving as they would like it to. They are still planning on Plasma exchange for Tuesday unless there is significant improvement. John and Chris both came and prayed with Luke yesterday, which he greatly appreciated. Mentally and spiritually Luke is feeling good, and he has an ever increasing trust in God through this trial. His body is weak and frail but he knows God holding him and speaking to him, which gives him great hope.

Thank you for all your prayers….

1 Luke has asked that we pray for significant improvement over this weekend. He knows that if it comes to Tuesday and he needs Plasma exchange, God will hold him through it and have purposes in it, but his great desire is that he will not need it. Please pray with him and us that there will be marked healing in his body before Tuesday.

2 Please pray for his chest to clear and remain clear. He was told by the physio, that he must have strong lungs, to be able to ‘speak’ to us as he does. This pleased him and he is glad he spent all those years playing the euphonium! These strong lungs now need to fully function in the way they were intended to. Please pray for strengthening of them, that he might be able to breathe more by himself.

3 For movement to return to his fingers and arms. He has very strong shoulders, but the doctors say that any movement in his arms is coming from his shoulders, and they want to see him start to be able to move his fingers, which would show that his nervous system is starting to recover.

4 Please pray for Luke to confound the normal progression of GBS, and for him to improve day by day. The doctors keep telling us that he will have good days followed by bad days, but this becomes really wearying for him. Please pray that the improvements he sees will remain and actually be built on by further improvement.

5 The doctor said yesterday that he has no idea why a young, strong, fit young man like Luke has this so severely. Continue to pray for total restoration and that God will show His purposes in a mighty way.

I woke up in the night last night and was praying for Luke. Over and over in my head were the words of a song we’ve sung in our Church over many years

‘Show your power O Lord, demonstrate the justice of Your kingdom Prove Your mighty word, vindicate Your name before a watching world. Awesome are Your deeds O Lord, renew them for this hour Show Your power O Lord among the people now.’

Our hearts cry is that God will come and show His power, not only to heal Luke, but to demonstrate to the world that there is a God, who is mighty and powerful and who cares about each of us passionately. The hands that flung stars into space are the hands that hold Luke now, and we trust Him.

Thank you faithful friends – keep fighting with us!

With very much love

Gary and Debbie


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